External Cleaning

In our toolkit we have a Kärcher’s HDS middle class Professional hot water high-pressure cleaner that reaches very high levels of performance, and economy. This provides our customers with a superior cleaning power of upto 150º, for patios, driveways, stonework, swimming pools and decking.

If it is paint oil or dirt removal, our machine with superb performance for daily and deep cleaning jobs will be the best tool for the job. With a 15m high pressure hose with integral hose reel, adding extra convenience and a wider cleaning radius.

  • Removes bacteria and algae growth

  • Removes stubborn stains

  • Removes masonary paints

  • Removes dirt, grease and oils

  • The most eco friendly cleaining method currently available

Some Uses

  • Wood Resteration - decked areas, external beams, cladding

  • Stone restoration - paving, walls, stoneware, statues & monuments

  • Swimming pool cleaning

  • Driveway cleaning

  • Gated areas, doors and roller shutters

Stone - Masonry -Patio - Decking - Swimming Pool
Jo Soen reviewed Edeco Interior & Exterior Decorators – 5 star

16 September at 20:19 · 

"Thank you so much Ed you have done a fantastic job on our driveway, it all looks lovely, like new. I would highly recommend anyone to use your services your kind, hardworking, thorough, tidy and fantastic at what you do. Very very pleased. Thank you."


Dean Soen 

Absolutely pukka job Ed👍👍well pleased with it

 16 September at 22:54

20:19 ·