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Planning It and Winging it!

Updated: Mar 28, 2019

When it comes to a plan, that beautiful finish, experience tells us attention to detail is essential in design features. Choose stunning paints, features and finishes for beautiful layouts to make features pop. Plan the features that are right for you.

Choose professionals who can maximise your budget with their extensive industry knowledge and trade contacts.

Make up your plan

When creating your plan you can:

  • Download images of ideas you like

  • Create a quick spreadsheet to calculate your budget (Be realistic, you cannot buy a Rolls Royce for a Ford budget and expect it to have the look and feel of a new Rolls Royce)

  • Create a design brief

  • Get swatches from retailers (mostly they are free)

  • Use smart apps like visualisers (again these are free from paint manufacturers and interior design outlets)

Customise the look of your vision by bringing all the elements together to create your mood board.

Time spent doing this at the beginning will save time and money putting it right at the end.

If you have the budget hire a good designer - it's what they do! You wouldn't get an Accountant to decorate your room or a Decorator to do your accounts.

Please feel free to message us for free advice and guidance

Love from #edeco

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