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Iridescent Finishes Increase in popularity

Updated: May 9

Whilst Venetian plaster is taking the luxury market by storm, there is a more affordable and aesthetically just as pleasing surface finish for interior ceilings and walls. The light textured iridescent paints offer a sense of luxury and depth that often gets confused for polished plaster or Venetian stucco to the untrained eye.

Whilst Venetian stucco can set you back a buffer face inducing £120 per m2 (some parts of outer London.) The addition of metallics and liquid cold form metals, can push prices up to £150-£200 per m2. The deeper the texture, the greater the material cost. By comparison the more modest Iridescent finishes can cost £75 per m2.

So,where do we generally see these types of finishes in the residential market? Generally fireplace and entertainment area surrounds, galleries, hallways, stairwalls, lobbies, coffer ceilings and bathrooms being the most popular, but literally any surface can be home to these beautiful finishes.

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