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Marble Plaster

Updated: May 9

Spilling out of Londons swanky hotels, bars and restaurants , featuring in entertainment walls, fire surrounds , hallways and vaulted ceilings ... this luxurious finish is adopted as statement pieces over the traditional painted surface.

Whether it is gloss polished, deep textured or stencilled art, it never fails to impress.

So why is Venetian marble plaster becoming so popular again after hundreds if not thousands of years?

The art of polished plaster is a labour intensive process that creates unrivalled depth and pattern, but has no limit to location of application .

It's the low carbon, net zero chasing movement towards reducing the costs and weight of logistics associated with heavy marble.

Applied in 2mm thick layers with 20kg spreading out over 20m2 - that's a 1kg to 1m2 ratio. Easy to handle, without risks associated with handling, affixing or supporting heavy, solid marble.

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