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Poor plastering - a thing of the past!

Updated: May 9

As technology moves on, so does qualiry materials and tools.

British Gypsum was the only plaster used in the UK for modern buildings, now with lime and clay stucco, Gypsum hybrids such as Knauf and Toupret, skimming unsightly walls has got even easier and much faster.

Weather its airless plaster , traditional multifinish or lime base skimming plasters there is no real excuse for poor workmanship.

A good modern plasterer should invest time and money in tools beyond the trowel. Such as wide width skimming blades like Mirka or Graco and speedskim. These tools and new materials along with dustless sanding has changed the game to achieve level 5 finishes.

Here at eDECO we are trained in all applications of nearly all plasters available.

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